Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention

(Presentation date June 17, 2014)

Course Description

Addiction has been identified as an illness that requires long-term management. Relapse is a process that begins before alcohol/other drug use is resumed and is usually preceded by a pattern of progressive warning signs. Understanding the relapse process assists addiction professionals to help recovering people develop an effective plan to identify and prevent relapse. This program will discuss the dynamics of relapse, factors that contribute to relapse, signs that may forewarn of relapse, and techniques and strategies to handle both every day and high-risk situations. The presentation includes discussion of Marlatt and Gorski’s models of the relapse process, the roles played by will power and habit, and ways to use the Six Sources of Influence Inventory for initiating and maintaining behavior change.


The goals of this program are to provide participants with a basic understanding of the process of relapse and of techniques to prevent relapse.


At the end of this program the participants will be able to:

  • State five or more factors that may contribute to or forewarn of relapse.
  • List five or more strategies or actions that may help prevent relapse.

About the Presenter

Erik Anderson, LMSW, CAADC; Dawn Farm Outpatient therapist.

Erik Anderson been employed by Dawn Farm as an Outpatient Therapist since May 2013. Erik facilitates outpatient substance abuse groups; completes biopsychosocial assessments, diagnoses, and ASAM level of care recommendations; works with clients in person-centered treatment planning; and coordinates care with other community agencies. He earned his Master of Social Work from Wayne State University in 2013 with an emphasis on cognitive-behavioral interpersonal practice, and his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan.

Number of CE hours offered

1.5 CEH, approved by MCBAP and NAADAC (specific.) A passing grade of 80% on the final exam is required for CE hours to be awarded.

Course Content

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