Jewish Spirituality and Recovery From Addiction

Jewish Spirituality and Recovery From Addiction

(presentation date April 24, 2012)

Course Description

Does spirituality contribute to one’s recovery? Does recovery contribute to one’s spirituality? Connecting with the power of spirituality provides a critical support for many people struggling to regain their lives and futures from chemical dependency as well as for their family members and friends. The combination of the values of recovery and the values of spirituality create a powerful environment conducive to developing a healthy and meaningful life. This program will provide an overview of Jewish spirituality, the spirituality of recovery, the difference between religion and spirituality, and how both can be employed for recovery.


The goal of this presentation is to increase participants’ understanding of both Jewish spirituality and the spirituality of recovery, and how each adds value to the other.


After completing this program the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe two or more ways in which spirituality contributes to recovery from addiction.
  2. Describe two or more ways in which or examples of how Jewish spirituality and the spirituality of recovery support each other.

About the Presenter

PinsonRabbi Yisrael Pinson; Director, Chabad of Greater Downtown Detroit.

This course material was developed and is presented by Rabbi Yisrael Pinson. Rabbi Pinson has been the Director of Chabad of Greater Downtown Detroit since 2013. He is the Director of Jewish Recovery International and editor of His mission is to help Jewish people from around the world who are recovering from alcohol/other drug addiction to find spirituality in their Judaism in order to strengthen their recovery through the Twelve Steps. Rabbi Pinson received his high school and college-level education at several intensive private schools the world over, including the distinguished Machon LeSmicha Center for Ordination in Melbourne, Australia. Rabbi Pinson has served communities and individuals from the Caribbean to Canada and is fluent in four languages. He helped create a Jewish Recovery Community in Metro-Detroit, where people recovering from alcohol/other drug addiction and their families are helped through support, guidance, friendship and community. Rabbi Pinson writes about Jewish recovery and spirituality and lectures on the topic around the world.

Number of CE hours offered

1.5 CEH, approved by MCBAP and NAADAC (specific.) A passing grade of 80% on the final exam is required for CE hours to be awarded.